Toàn Dân was the first deck of cards designed and produced by Ù TRÒN. It was created from our dream to have a deck of cards with the familiar faces of Vietnamese people.
Vietnam of the new millennium is shaped from the turning point that took place in the 20th century. Despite living in a modern society, the old memories of people, of youthful idealism and of transformative events are still living vividly in many people’s mind.

From absolute monarchy to an independent socialist state, from a purely agricultural nation to a more diverse economic landscape, from age-old beliefs to the perfect blend of modernity and tradition. In such time, the role of the people in the society became more dynamic with the formation of new socialist classes: Scholar, Farmer, Worker, Trader and Soldier.
With different attributes and unique mindset, people united together to form an unbreakable force, driving our nation forward. Toàn Dân /twaːn zən/, meaning ‘all the people’, is set to be in the 20th century, as a tribute to all the people of the previous generation and their contribution to Vietnam’s contemporary society.

Those five socialist classes have evolved with time, with globalization and digitalization, but at the core, their characteristics stay unchanged. They remain the founding classes of our current society, whose importance span across economic, social and political domain.